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Livity Livity is a youth led creative network aimed at 18-25 year olds. They encourage talent in a range of media by offering  placements for youths to gain skills in marketing workshops, lectures and work experience.   Advertisements

NYU Department of Philosophy by Steven Holl Architects

NYU Department of Philosophy by Steven Holl Architects The addition of a staircase provides a new vertical circulation shaft. Appearing more like a sculpture both externally and internally this staircase has light pouring in through the skylight above and windows. The heavy use of white allows the light to bounce, with perforated panels making the space feel […]

Modern Mews By Coffey Architects

Modern Mews By Coffey Architects A small house of approximately 3m by 8m and only one external facade that can bring natural light in. The space needed to be designed to be functional and to bring light through to all levels of the building. The central staircase is designed to provide optimum space as corridors […]

Food for Thought By David Heng

Food for Thought By David Heng Food for thought is an interactive café it is an extension of Singapore Art Museum. It is designed to be flexible for seminars and installations. There are interactive exhibitions and enjoyable tasks things like a voting board or installation or a question wall that aim to create more socialising […]

‘New Institute’ Rotterdam

Het Nieuwe Instituut (New Institute) Rotterdam This exhibition called ‘Structuralism’ focused on Dutch Structuralism, an architectural movement from the late 50s early 60s. The exhibition space displays a mix of media, combined with seating. There is a heavy use of red for the displays and graphics. Bold, chunky units in an industrial exhibition space. The […]

Deskopolitan by MoreySmith

Deskopolitan – MoreySmith A former factory building that has been repurposed into a co-working environment and spans 1350-sq-m over four floors at Rue du Château d’Eau. The design was aimed at entrepreneurs, providing a space to collaborate, socialise and interact with like-minded people. Challenging the traditional office concept with collaborative and social spaces, Deskopolitan offers […]

Spiral Mountain By Tonkin Liu

Spiral Mountain – Tonkin Liu Architects This is a proposed design concept for a Library/Art Gallery. The design gives an illusion of the building floating and is based on a spiral that consists of books and artwork. The spiral allows the visitors a view of all the 350,000 books that surround them and there is […]