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Model Here is the model I made to help me space plan the existing site. The site sits on a steep gradient of 900mm, the model needed to include the surrounding streets to show this as well as stand up. Each floor was removable to show elements underneath. Here is the structural beams for the […]


The design concept is Contrast. Whilst researching the needs of Northampton, a gap was discovered for the development of a space that can offer employment opportunities as well as harbour the creative talents developing in Northampton as a platform to encourage them to stay within the town.  As Northampton continues to rapidly expand it is […]

History of Northampton

History of Northampton Northampton started as a Saxon village, called Hamm tun, In the late 9th century Northampton was a fortified settlement, it was also a place of trade where craftsmen worked and where goods were brought and sold at a market. After a fire and being captured in 1010, Northampton recovered with a population […]

Site Research

17/21 College Street, Northampton, NN1 2QP A former print-works factory, an industrial building was 2 individual sites in the 1930s and became one in the 1960s. The building is accessible via Gold Street, Drapery and St. Katherine Street (one way) Here is the site boundary line (left) it consists of an L shaped building with […]