Design Proposal

Design Proposal

Ground Floor Plan

On Ground Floor there is a Reception/Lobby area that is incorporated into a small introduction exhibition area, further in there is a large exhibition hall as well as a networking cafe and various break out spaces.

Basement Plan

The Basement is the more private area with software training suites, a seminar space, 1:1 rooms, a specialised resource centre and hot-desking/break out spaces.

First Floor Plan

Located on the First Floor is large open plan studio that can be divided up as needed with moveable panels to be used to host art classes, sculptural workshops, many different creative programmes. There is also a large roof top garden with band stand.

Sections A-A & B-B

Plan showing section lines (above).

East Elevation

The above elevation shows the smart glass turned off the below elevation shows it active.

There is a graphic that is visible when the smart glass is turned on to make the exterior facade more interesting.

South Elevation

As with the East elevation the same applies to the South except with a slightly different graphic.

The idea behind the graphics is to represent thinking and creativeness.


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