The design concept is Contrast.

Whilst researching the needs of Northampton, a gap was discovered for the development of a space that can offer employment opportunities as well as harbour the creative talents developing in Northampton as a platform to encourage them to stay within the town.  As Northampton continues to rapidly expand it is attracting more interest further afield, the business industry is thriving and therefore if there is a hub that can attract more companies to Northampton, open up around the town and offer more work it can continue to enhance the regeneration project.

The proposed use for 17/21 College Street is to repurpose the site into an exhibition, training and leisure Hub for the creative industry. Known as Reveal.

The design approach will be to respond to the old building by keeping an industrial style but to enhance it with a modern fresh colour palette and carefully selected materials to make the appearance less harsh.

The exhibition space is hireable throughout the year for creative practices to showcase their latest work, to attract cliental as well as the designers being on hand offering advice to local users of the Hub. At points throughout the year there will be an exhibition to showcase the latest talents that have learnt from the training facilities as well as a creative career fair as a twice annual event.

The exhibition space needs to remain moderately flexible with moveable panels although installed as a focal point will be a digital viewing slab that is a permeant feature made to look heavy out of Litracon, a see through concrete material it is semi-permeable and casts shadows from the surroundings. The space is kept open with a café blending into the exhibition space. The flooring is seamless polished concrete resin sealed with a gripping layer for safety. Which contrasts against the café bar which is wrapped in a 3-Dimensional geometric pattern.

There is two main points of circulation, firstly a bespoke staircase that is enclosed to harbor a tunnel of light downwards to the basement. Secondly a lift to offer inclusive circulation.

It offers courses to teach up to date creative industry standard software in computer labs, in support of this there is a Resource Centre and 1:1 spaces. Bookable by a practice or by individuals.

Socialising as wells as co-working is greatly encouraged with the design incorporating many break out spaces in addition to the café and a roof top garden.

Located on the first floor is a large flexible space that is allocated for use to run art expression classes to inspire peoples’ imagination with the use of art, sculpture, graphics, photography as either enjoyment or career prospect.

The first floor is well lit getting plenty of sunlight, the space is double height with exposed beams keeping a more traditional aesthetic in contrast to the more modern lower floors.

The purpose of this development is to bring a new element to the town centre that is eye catching, to enhance creativity and employment.


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