Habitat 67 By Moshe Safdie


Habitat 67 – Moshe Safdie

This community is in Canada. It is inclusive design as there are lifts and walkways.

The design is carefully considered to allow inhabitants to enjoy panoramic views of the river and port it is located beside on a roof terrace.


The inside of the apartments are spacious and beautiful with plenty of natural light.

The apartments are both sold and rented and comes with membership to a special partnership committee.

The communal areas include a dry cleaners, shuttle bus service, the gardens are cared for by horticulturalists.


There are wind breakers for safety across the bridges that do no block views.

Each apartment is carefully located to provide maximum light and space.

There is a reception area that can assist residents when needed for example they can take in parcels.


The style of architecture is Brutalist, in my opinion if this was in a one subtle shade, white perhaps then it would have a completely different feel.

I do feel that looking further than the skin of Brutalist Architecture delivers such possibility and beauty.


This informs my RSA, as I want to achieve maximum sunlight with The Hive and I think this community does.


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