MediaLab By Langarita-Navarro Arquitectos


MediaLab – Langarita-Navarro Arquitectos

The MediaLab design is very dramatic from the outside, you see a large new structure which is inserted into the original building.


There is a use of red that acts as a circulation route for the visitors.

Large wooden additions create a modern feel and can be used as smaller rooms.


There is wooden furniture and blinds that are used as projection screens.

None of the original building was redesigned.


The insertion is built to be flexible it is made from lightweight materials which can be repurposed easily for the clients changing needs.

The building retains its industrial history as the concrete and other raw materials are still very visible.


Here are the architects orthographic drawings showing the additions more clearly within the building.

For my FMP I would like a bold statement as regards to the building appearance.

I would like mine to be noticable from afar as I believe its location makes it take a backseat from the high street currently the road it is situated on is just used as a through road.



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